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Portable Room Air Conditioners (AC)

General Information on Portable Room Air Conditioner (AC)

Portable Air Conditioners offer a great deal of flexibility. Typically standing 2-3 feet tall and is easily moved from room to room due to the fact that it is on wheels. Ideal for rooms where you want to minimize the loss of light through the window or for larger rooms requiring more cooling than the typical window mount a/c unit is able to handle.

Installation to a portable air conditioner is very simple. Roll the unit to the room you would like to cool, plug in the electrical cord to an open outlet and place the hot air vent tube in a partially open window. Whenever you need to cool a different room you can re-install the unit in a matter of moment.

Portable air conditioners are offered in slightly larger capacities than window mount units. Portable a/c units are available with a rating up to 14000 btus/hour. High efficiency models are available which can significantly reduce energy bills over the life of the air conditioner.

Portable air conditioners range in price from $250.00 to nearly $1000.00.

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