Trane XV18 Air Conditioner Review

When the weather starts to heat up outside, most of us head inside and enjoy the feel of our air conditioning cooling us down as the sun beats on. It is definitely a relief to be able to beat the heat by getting inside where it is nice and cool. With TTrane XV18 air conditioner, there are pros and cons that will help you decide if this system is the one that you want.

This type of model actually is very efficient in cooling off an area very quickly, making it somewhere that you want to be. It is important, when purchasing a Trane XV18 air conditioner, to get one that is the right size for your room because some of the smaller ones are not powerful enough to affect a big space. These units are known for their superior ability to relieve a big space, despite their small size.

These type of brands have something inside called an aircraft intercooler, which allows for great cooling in a small space. Although the models are pretty small and easy to carry, they actually work just as well as something twice their size because of this mechanism that they are built with.

Another advantage of a Trane XV18 air conditioner, as opposed to other types, is the warranty that they offer that will be good as long as you make sure to fill out their form. This warranty will guarantee replacement of certain parts for ten full years after your purchase, which is a pretty good deal.

There is also the extended warranty package, which does cost more, but also covers more. If you can afford to spend a little bit more money, this is probably a worthwhile investment to make sure that your unit will last at least the ten years that it should. It will always cost more to fix it yourself than to simply buy this up front.

You will also be happy to note that this air conditioner is able to work without consuming huge amounts of energy in the process. It works well and it also works efficiently, which is important when the energy bill comes in the mail and you have to pay for all those hours that you ran your air conditioner.

One negative aspect of this Trane air conditioner that you will probably find is that it is on the expensive side. It might be well worth it because it is very light and does work well, but you should know that you are probably paying more than other people have paid for similar-sized units. Just in case you are wondering when to replace your AC unit, this might help: National HVAC Pros when to replace ac unit.

The Trane XV18 air conditioner definitely has a lot of pros to consider, which make it a great buy. Of course, it is also expensive, so if you cannot afford the cost, there are other models that will work well, too, and might be a little bit less money. It is probably worth the cost, however, when that blazing hot day does occur and you want to be able to sit anywhere in the room very comfortable.